A Million Lights, Cheryl Cole’s new album is out next week. I’ve had the chance to listen to it. And let me tell you one thing… Cheryl is sure back !

Two years after Messy Little Raindrops, Cheryl is back on top with her third studio album. Britain’s little pop princess is here to strike big time with a dancefloor album.

The album opens with Under The Sun (potential single) a mid-tempo feel good song that recalls summer. This summer anthem ? Then it’s Call My Name, the first single – already #1 on iTunes. Produced by Calvin Harris, this song is a smash and The perfect choice for a comeback. With Craziest Things, Cheryl Cole treated herself with a featuring from her friend Will.I.Am. The song is a very sensual kinda club song (reminds me of 3 Words on the 1st album). For Girl In The Mirror, it’s a pretty good club/RNB mix.

A Million Lights is the first ballad of the album. It has this vibe that reminds me of her single The Flood. On this song we can hear a Cheryl with a deeper voice which is kind of pleasant. Screw you is supposedly a message for her ex-husband, who knows ? This is a very catchy song with a urban and electro sound. Love Killer is a mid-tempo song with a very catchy chorus. I bet it’ll be a single. With Ghetto Baby (written by Lana Del Rey) Cheryl gave us a 100% RNB song but doesn’g get my full attention. Sexy Den A Mutha, is the other hit of the album. It has number 1 written all over it. A big dancefloor hit and a (mandatory) single ! Then it’s a Cheryl Cole ballad with Mechanics Of The Heart. Smooth and nice. All Is Fair is the last song from the standard version of the album. A kind of dark song that ends the album in a good way.

In the Deluxe version, Cheryl offers us 4 bonus tracks. The soon to be hit Last One Standing (wonder why it’s not on the Standard version), the urban and softly agressive Boys Lies, the military and catchy One Thousand and she finishes with the ballad, Telescope.

With her new album Cheryl proves that she’s a true popstar on her own with great and well produced songs. She has created her own world and unique sound. She ain’t no regular singer. She’s Cheryl Cole. I can see a bright future for the singer… As a good news never comes alone, Cheryl has just announced her first solo arena tour, A Millions Lights Tour. She’ll be on stage around the UK this autumn to sing all of her hits. For more informations go to Cheryl’s official website.

Stay tuned on funlifemusic.com for an interview with Cheryl herself. She’s gonna talk about her new album, her coming tour, her music… So stick around !

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